What is Instantor?

Instantor is a Swedish FinTech company founded in 2010 in Stockholm.

We make your financial life easier by replacing old-school forms and documents with a few clicks. Our tool helps you identify yourself and to prove your financial capability online in a matter of minutes using bank account information. So instead of downloading documents and sending them via snail mail, you can quickly grant Instantor access to connect with your banks in real-time through a secure API.

Each month we serve about 400 000 consumers applying for loans.

We take privacy and security very seriously and strictly adhere to industry laws and standards. Protecting personal information is a top priority. If you would like to read more, please see our terms & conditionsand privacy policy or reach out to us at privacy@instantor.com.

How is data obtained and processed?

Your personal and financial data is collected after your explicit permission is granted during the application process. The data is then restructured and compiled into a report that is sent to our clients (the organisation where the application was originally made).

Instantor does not make any decisions or recommendations on whether a loan should be granted or not. These decisions are made by our clients, and we are merely providing them with the information to make these decisions easier, faster and more accurately.
We collect, process and share data using secure and legal processes. The data we collect is safely stored, usually for two months, after which all personal data is permanently deleted. We have helped over 150 financial institutions to identify and verify millions of consumers, across 22 markets.

How does it work?

1. You follow the steps for the online credit application.

2. You verify through Instantor.

3. Instantor connects to your bank and retrieves your data.

4. Instantor unifies the collected bank data.

5. The bank or financial institution can quickly verify identify or make quick credit decision.


We are committed to protecting your data and have implemented appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect you from fraud and to keep your data safe. However, keep in mind that no system is ever completely secure.

As a user of the Instantor service you can do a number of things to minimize risk of unauthorised use of your bank account data. For example, you should always use a strong and unique password, never put your credentials on paper or electronic media such as email, limit access to your computer and browser, and never share your password with anyone. Although we take measures to limit the risk of unauthorised use of credentials, for example by limiting the number of incorrect login attempts, we cannot guaranteethat we’re able to prevent all unauthorised use. If you suspect that your credentials have been used by an unauthorised person to give Instantor access to your bank account information, please let us know as soon as possible by sending an email to privacy@instantor.com.

How to contact us

We would be happy to help with any more questions you have or if you need any more information. Contact our team at privacy@instantor.com.